The Voice Restore Story


Hi Everyone! I'm Dr. DJ Sims, the creator of Voice Restore Herbal Throat Spray. I’m a published author, professional speaker, herbal medicine maker and licensed Naturopathic Physician in the State of California.

It was very early in my medical career when I was called upon to help treat a professional singer who was suffering from a severe case of a raspy and strained throat. The catch? Her live concert was to start in 3 hours!

Armed with the knowledge of natural medicine and a few key ingredients from my medical bag, I mixed a soothing elixir that healed the singer of her raspy, sore throat allowing her to go onstage and perform perfectly.

After the concert, the singer told me it was a “miracle!” I told her it was God's knowledge given to me and the healing power of his nature at work. She’s been a fan ever since.

For many years, I hand made and delivered this formula exclusively to professional singers and their close friends only. Today, Voice Restore is famous for bringing real results to professional singers and entertainers around the world and now you too, can enjoy the incredible healing powers of the exciting and exclusive Voice Restore!

As the creator of Voice Restore Herbal Throat spray, it is my desire to inspire individuals to find their voice and inner strength through changing their health from the inside out. It is my passion to empower and educate others to live their healthiest life now!

Thank you for supporting Voice Restore!