10 Tips for Keeping Your Voice Healthy

  1. Avoid talking over noise (at parties, restaurants, etc.), as this fatigues the voice.  At parties, use an ear plug in one ear - this will allow you to hear yourself over the noise, so you won't use such a loud voice
  2. Use amplification for public speaking
  3. Never scream
  4. Avoid whispering. Loud whispering causes vocal strain
  5. Avoid grunting with heavy exercise
  6. Avoid coughing or heavy throat clearing. Instead, swallow your saliva, take a sip of water or do a silent cough simply pushing air through your vocal folds ( as if saying h) to loosen the mucous so you can swallow
  7. If your voice feels tired, sounds abnormal or if you have laryngitis, rest your voice periodically and avoid unnecessary talking.
  8. Your vocal folds work best when they are hydrated. Drink 6-8 glasses of water a day and limit your intake of caffeinated and alcoholic beverages
  9. Talk to your doctor about treating acid reflux (through diet modification or medication) as this can irritate the vocal folds and lead to hoarseness
  10. Avoid smoking or breathing secondhand smoke

*Source: world-voice-day.org